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Mrs. Choksondik
Miss Choksondik was the boys' 4th grade teacher. For some reason, she refused to wear a bra, often causing stray kittens to linger around her massive sagging boobs. The boys' hated her, mostly because she actually tried to teach them, and called her "Miss Makes-Me-Sick" and "Miss Chokes-on-Rocks." Although she outwardly opposed men and intercourse during her sex education classes, she had a passionate love affair with Mr. Mackey. Unfortunately, she died soon after ("Professor Chaos"/"Simpsons Already Did It"). The police found Mr. Mackey's semen in her stomach, but that isn't what killed her. To date, her cause of death is still unknown...

Earth Day Brainwashing Festival

Season 5: Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow
Kyle makes up a reason for the boys to be able to attend the Terrance and Phillip show in Denver.

Do You Touch Yourself?

Season 5: Proper Condom Use
Mr. Mackey and Ms. Choksondik have sex.

Slaughter House

Season 6: Fun with Veal
The boys feel they need to save the veal cows.

Chaos in Class

Season 6: Professor Chaos
Professor Chaos strikes in class.

Incredible Living Sea-People

Season 6: The Simpsons Already Did It
Disappointed that the Sea People are brine shrimp, the boys feed them to Mrs. Choksondik.

Acceptable Forms of Shit

Season 5: It Hits the Fan
Ms. Choksondik explains the acceptable uses of the word "shit" to the class

Concentration Camp

Season 5: The Entity
Cartman can't make it through class without ripping on Cousin Kyle.


Season 4: Fourth Grade
Garrison faces off with the spirit of his gay self.